Weekly Camp

A comprehensive week program that aims to motivate and develop the skills of young football players supported by our professional team of G.F.C. Coaches.

Supervised by a professional team of Globall Football Coach coaches and staff hailing from some of the most famous football team in Italy, the methodology used in the camp is the same methodology used to train an Italian professional youth team. In the Global Football Coaching Camp there is an educational path for young people, whose goal is to promote individual and team discipline, respect for the rules and the opponent; From a technical point of view, the primary goal is to offer new and engaging activities to the participants, giving suggestions and technical traces that can then be developed during the agonistic year.
I G.F.C. Camps are aimed at boys and girls and can be modulated according to the needs of the host team, both from the technical point of view with targeted programs to improve specific technical aspects as well as ages ranging from 6 to 18 years old; Those who play football or who approach the sport for the first time are participating.
The Globa Football Coaching Camp is a comprehensive day camp designed to provide the right environment to learn, practice, play and have fun! This camp presents a sound, age appropriate technical base on which to build a true love for the game of soccer. Staff will evaluate and work with each camper on an individual basis to assist them in technique and skill development.
Age-specific skills, tactical approach and techniques required for goal keepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards are taught through drills and strategies consistent with the philosophy and goals of the Global Football Coaching Camp.
The Global Football Coaching Camp is conducted at the host’s Academy or at an appropriate center.